Campbell Building

Address: 313–325 NE Third Street
Construction Date: 1892
Current Business: Pura Vida / Community Plate / Twist Salon
Historic Name/Use: Campbell Building
Significance: Secondary Significant
Style of Architecture: Italianate

1892: Building constructed

1892–early 1900s: Dielschinder Shoes and Model Grocery second story was McMinnville Dance Hall

1920: Dance Hall closes

1950s:  Hufendick’s

1966: Mr. D’s Shoes

1962–1968: Hanauer Jewelry

1970s: Perry Rogers Thrifty Drug and Grill

2015: Pura Vida / Community Plate / Twist Salon / Grand Ballroom on second floor

This building was constructed in 1892 by William Campbell, a pioneer who came to McMinnville in 1858 from his native state of New York.  Campbell was a blacksmith when he first came to McMinnville. He soon invested in real estate and building construction. He oversaw a committee, which promoted securing the Southern Pacific Railroad line to be continued through McMinnville.

The front façade of the building was pressed brick and the entire second story was constructed for a dance hall. Local newspapers cheered this construction effort as quite an accomplishment as it brought new businesses to the downtown. The first tenants of the building were Dielschneider Shoes and Model Grocery. The McMinnville Dancing Club had gala balls on the dance floor on the second story. By the 1920s the dance floor was no longer in use and the stairwell was later converted into a barbershop. Today three businesses occupy the first floor. Pura Vida and Community Plate are popular restaurants and Twist Salon is a high-end salon.  Be sure to take a close look at Twist Salon’s intricate window displays. They have won numerous awards for their handcrafted whimsical designs.

Primary Significant Contributing: Structures are classified as Primary Significant if they were built in or before 1912, or reflect the building styles, traditions, or patterns of structures typically constructed before this date. These buildings represent the primary period of construction and development in downtown McMinnville from initial settlement in 1881 to 1912, when city improvements and use of the Oregon Electric and Southern Pacific Railroad service promoted new construction in the downtown area.





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