Old Telephone Register

Address: 401–425 NE Evans
Construction Date: 1902–1920
Current Business: The Springs Living
Historic Name/Use: Old Telephone Register
Significance: Secondary Significant
Style of Architecture: American Renaissance

1902: Telephone-Register

1928: Lars and Jack Bladine purchased the property

1953–1976: News-Register

2014: The Springs Living

This rectangular one-story brick structure was originally two properties. The oldest portion of this building was constructed by Cully Perine in 1902 to house the Telephone-Register. The other portion was constructed ca. 1920. This portion is similar but not identical in appearance. The brick is a deeper red and there is no terra cotta ornamentation. The parapet has a central pediment and a frieze of vertically placed bricks extending across the Evans Street façade.

In 1928, Lars Bladine purchased the Telephone-Register business. His sons, Phil and Jack Bladine purchsed the building in 1946 for $12,000. The Telephone-Register merged with the News-Reporter in 1953 to form the News-Register. The News-Register operated here until 1976 when they moved to their current location on Third Street.  In 2001, Sherry Lewis purchased the property and added the “Stark” name at the top of the building in honor of her father.

“The ‘Old News-Register’ building would be an interesting museum today with its one-time row of Linotype machines, cabinets of lead type and in-floor rotary press. There’s a time capsule buried in that old printing press pit.”  — Jeb Bladine, News-Register owner and publisher





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