Union Block

Address: 403–425 NE Third Street
Construction Date: 1890
Current Business: Union Block Coffee Roasters / The Old Oak / The 411 Eatery
Historic Name/Use: Union Block
Significance: Primary Significance
Style of Architecture: Italianate

1890: Constructed

1890: Retail tenants on first floor and doctors, dentists and lawyers on second floor.

1902–1991: Hamblin Wheeler

1960s and 1970:- Artist space

1993–Present day: Union Block Coffee

This building, known as Union Block, was constructed in 1890 for $18,000. The building is listed as being constructed by the McMinnville Building and Improvement Company. Ed Hendricks, Elsia Wright, and Frank Fenton were among the twelve investors in the company. The Union block is one of the largest 19th century commercial buildings remaining in Yamhill County. The most distinctive feature of the building is its mansard roof, which was originally surmounted by a wrought iron grill connecting chimneys and ornamental pediments.

By the late 1930s the brick had been covered by stucco and much of the detail at the top of the building had been removed. The canvas awnings had been replaced with a permanent flat awning.

In 1964 the main floor business façade was altered with the removal of old windows and cast iron fronts for the placement of travertine marble and new window casements. The architectural firm of Johnson did the remodeling and created a tiled set-back from the sidewalk, glass windows, ceiling to ground, generous use of marble and tile, and an arched permanent awning. While the alteration has been a significant modernization it has not unduly changed the overall style of the buildings. The brick exterior has been covered with stucco and painted. Union Block has been owned by the Hendricks family for more than 130 years.

Primary Significant Contributing: Structures are classified as Primary Significant if they were built in or before 1912, or reflect the building styles, traditions, or patterns of structures typically constructed before this date. These buildings represent the primary period of construction and development in downtown McMinnville from initial settlement in 1881 to 1912, when city improvements and use of the Oregon Electric and Southern Pacific Railroad service promoted new construction in the downtown area.





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