Houck’s Flouring Mill

Address: 855 NE Irvine Street
Construction Date: 1888
Current Business: Buchanan Cellers
Historic Name/Use: Houck’s Flouring Mill
Significance: Listed Individually on the NR
Style of Architecture: Mill Industrial

1888- Constructed

1888-1890- Barnekoff and Allyn Flouring Mill

1890-1900- McDaniel Feed & Seed and Valley Feed and Supply

1900-1920s- Houck’s Flouring Mill

1924- 2007- Feed and Supply store

2007- Present- Buchanan Cellers

The original structure is five and one-half stories, constructed of wood beams with wood flooring and siding, which has been covered over with corrugated metal. A later building addition was made on the east end of the original building. It has a medium gable roof with shed roof protrusion on the north, also covered with corrugated siding.

In 1888, Barnekoff and Allyn built a flouring mill on this property; this is the tall, central building in the complex today. Houck had acquired the mill by 1900 and operated it until the 1920s when Buchanan Cellers bought the operation. The mill operated until 1980.  In 2007, the business re-branded back to the historic Buchanan Cellers name. While this building has operated under different names, it has been a grain and feed store since its inception.

“Everyday at Buchanan Cellers, we work alongside historic relics, walk on 125 year old wood plank floors under huge fir beams that were hewn from logs salvaged in the Tillamook burn. It’s truly a step back in time and a chance to explore first hand a part of our community’s treasured history.” —Mary Beth Branch, marketing director for Buchanan Cellers





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