J. B. Mardis

Address: 303 NE Third Street
Construction Date: 1910
Current Business: Eagles Nest / Creekside Community Church
Historic Name/Use: J. B. Mardis Building
Significance: Secondary Significant
Style of Architecture: 20th Century Commercial

1910: Constructed
1910–1939: Smith-DeHaven Hardware Store
1950s–1962: Furniture Mart
1962–1977: Thrifty  Drug
2015: Eagles Nest Gallery / Creekside Church

This two-story brick rectangular structure was constructed in 1910 at the cost of $15,000. The building was named after Joseph B. Mardis, a real estate developer who came to McMinnville from California. The first tenant in this building was the firm of Smith-DeHaven, which specialized in hardware. DeHaven Hardware occupied the building until 1939 and then later Cohn Brothers Furniture Store moved in. Abe Goldstein bought the building in the early 1950s and operated the Furniture Mart business until 1962. Originally, the second floor was occupied with offices and rental apartments.

Thrifty Drug moved into the building in 1962. Rogers Brothers Pharmacy, antecedent of Thrifty Drug, established in McMinnville in the 1870s, is one of the first ten pharmacies in the State of Oregon. J. L. and F. E. Rogers, son of 1845 pioneer James William Rogers, established the business. The building was badly damage by a fire in 1980 and the interior walls were replaced shortly after.

Secondary Significant: Structures are classified as Primary Significant if they were built in or between 1913 and 1937. These buildings represent the secondary period of construction and development from the increase of city improvements and auto traffic.





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