McMinnville National Bank Building

Address: 250 NE Third Street
Construction Date: 1885
Current Business: The Bitter Monk
Historic Name/Use: McMinnville National Bank Building
Significance: Primary Significant
Style of Architecture: Italianate

1885: Constructed for Yamhill County Bank

1888: Became McMinnville National Bank

1905: McMinnville National bank moved to Jacobson Block

1953–1965: McMinnville Water & Light

1980s: Lawyer’s offices

2014–Present day: The Bitter Monk / 3rd Street Flats

Constructed in 1885 by Mr.Braly, the McMinnville National Bank Building is a narrow, two-story Italianate brick structure covered in stucco.  The Yamhill County Bank opened on October 18, 1886 and was in business until 1888 before becoming the McMinnville National Bank from 1888 to 1905. Several operations have occupied this building including the McMinnville Business College, physicians’ and surgeons’ offices, as well as a meat market and boot and repair shop.

The first floor commercial façade has been significantly altered with the removal of cast iron ornamentation and the changing of window and door locations. These alterations appear to have been made about 1950. From 1953 to 1965, McMinnville Water & Light housed their offices in this building. Today, The Bitter Monk Brew Pub occupies the first floor and Third Street Flat’s boutique vacation rentals occupy the second floor.

“These wonderful downtown buildings have had many lives, haven’t they? The upper floor of the McMinnville National Bank Building was unused for decades until the early 1990s, when then-owner Alex Clemens did extensive interior renovation, creating four unique apartments. Then in 2013, the second floor was leased to Erin Stephenson and Travis Easterday, who designed Third Street Flats, four beautiful high end vacation rentals.

“As Winston Churchill once said, ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.’ I am so grateful to have been a one-time part owner of this iconic building- and to have been shaped by its endearing grace.”- Cassandra Sollars, MDA Manager

Primary Significant Contributing: Structures are classified as Primary Significant if they were built in or before 1912, or reflect the building styles, traditions, or patterns of structures typically constructed before this date. These buildings represent the primary period of construction and development in downtown McMinnville from initial settlement in 1881 to 1912, when city improvements and use of the Oregon Electric and Southern Pacific Railroad service promoted new construction in the downtown area.





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