Montgomery Ward Building

Address: 203 NE Third Street
Construction Date: ca. 1921
Current Business: Boersmas Sewing Center
Historic Name/Use: Montgomery Ward & Co.
Significance: Secondary Significant
Style of Architecture: 20th Century Commercial

1921–1970s: Montgomery Ward’s & Co.

1970s–Present Day: Boersma’s Sewing Center

This building was built by W.T Vinton and William Smith ca. 1921 to Montgomery Ward’s specifications. It replaced an earlier 1880s two-story brick structure which housed a Studebaker garage. Montgomery Wards & Co. occupied the building under a 50 year lease. This property sat empty from 1972—1974 until the Boersma family purchased the property and turned it into a quilting and sewing store.

Boersma’s Sewing Center is still in operation today and has been known for their award-winning window displays. If you look closely, the original Montgomery Ward logo can still be seen on the entry door handles.

Secondary Significant:  Structures are classified as Secondary Significant if they were built in or between 1913 and 1937. These buildings represent the secondary period of construction and development from the increase of city improvements and auto traffic.

“It supposedly had the very first elevator in Yamhill County, an Otis elevator. The old elevator was still working fine, totally up to code and was an awesome elevator but it was only a freight elevator and we couldn’t  put people in it. Five years ago we replaced it but still keep a display near the new elevator of all the old Otis controls and buttons.” – Jack Boersma, building and business owner





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