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Old US Post Office

The Old U. S. Post Office is a one-story brick building with a daylight basement. The structure has a common bond brick exterior façade on all sides and sits upon a cement foundation. The roof is flat and is topped by a brick parape

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Campbell Building

This building was constructed in 1892 by William Campbell, a pioneer who came to McMinnville in 1858 from his native state of New York. Campbell was a blacksmith when he first came to McMinnville. He soon invested in real estate and building construction. He oversaw a committee, which promoted securing the Southern Pacific Railroad line to be continued through McMinnville

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Old Telephone Register

This rectangular one-story brick structure was originally two properties. The oldest portion of this building was constructed by Cully Perine in 1902 to house the Telephone-Register. The other portion was constructed ca. 1920.

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Union Block

This building, known as Union Block, was constructed in 1890 for $18,000. The building is listed as being constructed by the McMinnville Building and Improvement Company. Ed Hendricks, Elsia Wright, and Frank Fenton were among the twelve investors in the company.

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Wright Building

This 1893 Queen Anne-style commercial building is characterized by scallops, sun patterns, and intricate brickwork in the frieze. A central pediment reads E. Wright, 1893 and gives credit to the original owner.

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U.S. National Bank Building

Built in 1908 to house the U.S. National Bank, this rectangular, flat-roofed, two story has a flat parapet with a projecting wooden cornice. Second floor windows are Chicago style wood frame with fixed central panels and one over one double-hung sash on either side.

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Hotel Elberton

The tallest building in downtown McMinnville, Hotel Elberton is a rectangular four-story brick building. The ground floor has been altered on both façades. A small neon sign at the top of the southwest corner of the building reads “Hotel Oregon”.

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Cooks Hotel

This large, rectangular, three-story, stuccoed brick Italianate building has a flat roof and a decorative pressed metal-bracketed cornice. Stuccoed belt courses articulate the story divisions. The Third street façade originally had four bays but now has two as a result of the Mack Theater being installed in the eastern half of this façade.

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Old Elks Building

This building was constructed in 1908 for the McMinnville’s Elk Lodge. The top floor was occupied by the lodge rooms, and the lower floor had numerous small shops. In 1912, the first floor was divided into four sections; a dry goods store, a statuary, a restaurant, and the Gaiety Movie Theater. The ground floor has been altered.

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Odd Fellows Hall

This three-story rectangular brick building is covered with stucco and an aggregate material on the Third Street façade. There are two storefront bays on the Third Street façade and one entrance to the second floor at the south end.

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